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How to run a paperless office? Can running a paperless office create a problem with the orderly filing of documents? Is it possible to turn old documents into electronic ones as well?

You will find answers to these questions in the following article.

There is no office that does not have any printed paper (and probably will not), but, the amount of physical documents in the office should be reduced to the minimum possible and made as digital as possible.


There is no doubt that in recent years paperless office management has become the way many businesses turn to. More and more business owners are realizing that computerized systems can not only save them paper, But to make the management of the whole business much more efficient and enable the business owners and the various employees in it to carry out their work in a more convenient and simple manner.

At the same time, there are many business owners, and especially various employees, who find it difficult to adapt to the idea of ​​a paperless office and are therefore afraid of going about running the business in this way.

How to run a paperless office?

Paperless office management is management that is performed through the company’s computers directly – without printed pages, without piles of binders and without archive pages.

All business documents are stored on office servers, so with the help of dedicated software you can find any document you want, from any possible date, very easily.


In addition, instead of dozens of paper notes circulating in the office, and information that is eventually lost, every piece of information is on the computers and can be obtained very easily without any problem.

Could running a paperless office create a problem with the proper filing of documents?

Many people think that running a paperless office can create a problem for them in the proper filing of various documents. Those who think so are mostly people who have been doing the paperwork for many years in the same way and have difficulty adapting to the idea of ​​computerized filing, but it is exactly the same action.


Every paper document is scanned and filed in the Document Management System (DMS), and all the data required for locating appears in it, so the filing is done in a much more orderly manner. Beyond that, in order to retrieve a document, you do not have to go through different binders or locate a binder somewhere in the organization, but just type the data easily and retrieve it in zero time.

Is it also possible to convert old documents to electronic

The answer is definitely yes. As part of the transition to paperless office management, all the old documents are also transferred to the computerized systems, so that the systems will include all the information you need for the day-to-day work and you will not have any use for the old papers.

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