The services offered by Hannibal Information Systems Ltd.


Outsourcing as an organic computer unit for organizations and as a company that specializes mainly in Document Management Systems or file scanning We will be happy to provide an extensive service and contribute our knowledge in the field of document management to any company interested in this service. The company’s experts in the field of document management and document scanning processes will be able to provide a serious professional addition To support all scanning and development procedures and organizational processes mainly in the field of document management.

Organizational Consulting

Providing advice in the field of Document Management System (DMS), characterization of the organization’s needs and adapting the organization’s methods and work processes to the systems required for it. The consultation includes meetings to understand the organizational processes and to write a centralized / detailed characterization in accordance with the client’s guidelines / needs. Since Hanibaal Systems has extensive knowledge in the field of Document Management System, document scanning, and characterization of processes in the field of scanning – we can provide comprehensive advice And has great weight that will assist any organization in implementing Document Management Systems in the organization as well as in document scanning procedures. The company’s employees are experts in the various scanning methods and the various scanning tools and can adapt the scanning processes in the organization to any need and to any extent.

Project Management

Project management in the field of document management is the biggest highlight and expertise of Hanibaal Systems Ltd. At Hanibal Systems Ltd. you will find many experts who will help Each organization develops systems in the field of Document Management System (DMS), document encryption, digital signature in documents and more. Company experts In the management of planning projects in the field of scanning and Document Management System (DMS), they have proven themselves in the development of various systems in the field of document management. The extensive knowledge of the company’s employees and an understanding of the scanning processes accumulated following the development of many projects In the field of document management will greatly assist any organization that will use the company’s employees for these purposes.


At Hanibaal Systems, we believe in the proper characterization of processes in the field of Document Management System (DMS), Will lead to the implementation of a scanning and retrieval system in an efficient manner that will contribute to the well-being of the organization and improve the provision of service inside and outside the organization. The company’s employees have extensive experience in characterizing scanning and document management processes in insurance companies as well as in private companies. And can provide adequate output to any organization interested in improving document scanning and management processes.

Systems Development

Development of systems according to customer needs by the staff of Hanibaal Systems is done with great professionalism While emphasizing the use of innovative technologies and extremely high personal abilities. The company’s employees have been trained through many courses and are highly professional In the field of document management and scanning processes, as well as in document encryption and digital signing. The organizations in which Hanibaal’s employees are partners in development, Are at the forefront of the technological advancement of Document Management Systems and the ability to perform fast scanning And quality, including industrial scanning (by packages / boxes) and exceptional management interfaces that enable the organization’s managers Monitor and manage the company’s scanning processes that serve as a stable database for document management in the organization.

Scan Services

Hanibaal Systems performs a scan of required material inside and outside the organization. We use tools developed in our company And enable the export of scanned material and information about the key made into an organization’s Document Management Systems. Hanibaal’s Document Management Systems are simple and efficient. Enable Finding the required document in “zero” time and managing the documents according to the organizational needs of the firm.

Hanibaal Systems places emphasis on providing a fast and creative reliable service.

The company's extensive experience in the process of characterization and definition of needs, saves time and resources and enables the organization to operate efficiently and safely.