Scan-il system> Scan room management from Hanibaal Information Systems Ltd.

This is an industrial scanning and development system used for managing scan rooms and is designed to enable medium or large organizations to perform complex scanning procedures.


“Document scanning” and their optimal management are performed in Hanibaal Systems’ systems in a simple and efficient manner. The scan is done by departmental scanners, retinal scanners and scanners installed in a single position.

“Document management” is performed with the help of Hanibaal Systems’ software and the Document Management Software is selected according to the customer’s clear need.


As is well known, Hanibaal Systems has systems for managing scanned files, Document Management System (DMS), scanning documents by barcode, industrial scanning and more.


For each customer his needs and for each customer we sew a suit that suits him exactly.


The entire document scanning process is done within the organization. You can also combine an external scan done by companies that specialize in this. Our company cooperates with companies that perform scans at the customer’s offices or at the offices of the scanning company and updates the documents in the corporate system.


The scan is performed according to a built-in process of preparation> scan> keying> and separation of scanned documents.

Documents can be scanned in large quantities and very quickly with an emphasis on accurate keying.


The system allows division into an unlimited number of customers, with each customer having the option of unlimited department allocation. Each class has an assignment of up to 20 key fields. For each key field you can define: type, length, tests against an external database, against a list, against values ​​that exist on the main computer and against a Store procedure that is in the company’s central database.


The scan is performed in batches, including a sticker print for each batch, and the batches are recorded in a crate linked to the scan station.


Each scan station can be assigned boxes by customer with each box marked with a single value so that it can be quickly found in the organization’s warehouse / archive.


The system includes the option to convert emails into packets (using an automatic “robot”) and also includes the option of turning faxes that arrive in an email box into scan packets.

Additional explanation of the software

The system is built as a production line when there is a clear division into preparation, scanning (packet creation) and key positions. A manager position enables key packet management, scan page management, scan and key statistics, change priorities and work queues, and create a result disk / file for the documents for which it is keyed.


Document scanning is done using scanners of various types, from the simplest to scanners that use KOFAX drivers.


After scanning and unlocking the documents, the organization receives the scanned files and the information files attached to them that contain all the information developed for that document.