Document Management System - Doc-IL

Document Management System


The Document Management System from Hanibaal Information Systems Ltd. makes it possible to manage any type of office organization in accordance with a hierarchical structure appropriate to the organization

The system is logically equivalent to the idea of a “physical archive” of documents. In this archive there are “cabinets”, each cabinet is the main component of the system.

It can be a customer, department, industry, company, etc.

Any such closet – full of binders, folders or plastic. Any such binder – is basically the “bag”.

The “Files” – for example, could be a building project in a certain area, a permanent client “Files” (for an accountant), etc.

In any such case, there are “dividers” – the divider separates the types of documents in the same case. And allows “grouping” of documents by main topic.

Data is attached to each document – such as: actual document date, filing date, etc., keywords and other data

The system allows you to search and bind a group of documents according to any data. Fast and efficient


Digital signing system - DigiSign-IL

Digital signing system


The digital signing position of Hanibaal Information Systems Ltd. allows you to digital sign files of the types


pdf, word, excel, power-point, tif, jpg, png, bmp


The system replaces any other software designed to digitize a document using a digital signature

Simple to operate, fast, and allows you to add a “scribble signature” anywhere on the page – on any page.


In addition to signing with a smart card or device purchased from any company that issues an “Approved Digital Signature Certificate”

Allows the system to produce a “secure digital signature certificate” and make a signature using this certificate.


It is possible to perform:

1. Sign using “scribble signature” only (scribble signature) anywhere on the page.

2. Signature using a secure digital certificate with or without a scribble signature.

3. Signature using a certified digital certificate with or without a scribble signature.

4. Determine what icon will be attached to the digital signature (secure or approved).


5. Sign and save the file anywhere including cloud

6. Sign and send email with additional files immediately to a third party


Digital signing Server - DigiServer-IL

Digital signing Server


Hanibal Information Systems Digital signing Server Ltd. allows you to automatically sign on variety types of files


pdf, word, excel, power-point, tif, jpg, png, bmp


The system is installed on one of the company’s servers and provides a variety of services.

The signing procedure allows you to determine in advance whether to sign with a secure digital signature or a certified digital signature


1. Ability to sign a single file – manually run from any server-related position.

2. Ability to sign an entire directory and leave the signed files in place.

3. Ability to sign an entire directory and transfer the signed files to a destination directory.

4. Immediately digitally sign any file that enters a particular directory automatically.

5. Perform “Sign and Send” Procedure – Sign one or more files and send by email (manual activation).

6. Perform file signature checks.


Barcode scanning - Barcode-IL

Barcode scanning


Hanibal Information Systems Scanning Software Ltd. Allows Automatic Filing


The system is designed to interface with different ERP systems:


Basically the system goes through a directory and all its subdirectories, looking for files by defined types

Goes through each of the files, and breaks them down into documents using the “from barcode” to “barcode” method.


1. The system contains a “list” of search and run conditions

2. The system is activated using a scheduler or at any predetermined period of time

3. The system searches the barcode anywhere on the page, in any direction and in any size.

4. The system allows you to identify all types of barcodes.


5. It is possible to check the existence of a valid value of the bar code in front of external tables according to the contract string provided by the customer

6. The system renames the file and moves it to a dedicated directory


Scan Room Management - Scan-IL

Scan Room Management


Hanibaal Information Systems Professional Scanning Software Ltd. allows you to manage a scanning room


The system allows you to manage “boxes”, “packages” and documents in a package:

Allows you to manage employees, track productivity, user updates and more.

The system allows you to move packets from one key to another, change the priority of a packet developer, etc.

The system allows you to export result files to directories according to the customer accompanied by an information file about each file that is developed

The information file contains data about the customer, file description, document type, document date and more and more.


This system allows you to perfectly manage a scanning and development room, from the stage of receiving the documents to the transfer of the result to the customer

and the crates containing the original material to the customer or storage warehouse


Hanibaal Systems fit the product to the customer and not the customer to the product

The vast knowledge and experience accumulated at Hanibaal Information Systems enables our employees to get the most out of it very quickly!