Document Management System - Emphasis in choosing one

Document management system is very important In today’s intensive  work environment, 

it’s important to find a reliable Document Management System so that you can track and manage all of your company’s business assets,

If you follow these methods, you will succeed in choosing the right system for your business.

1. Tailoring the requirements for Document Management Software for business purposes

Choose an electronic Document Management System that supports your business needs, instead of reorganizing your business just to fit the Document Management System.

It’s very important to ask yourself a few questions:


  • • How important is remote access to documents in your business?
  • • At what level of responsiveness is your business committed to at any given moment?
  • • What does the IT infrastructure look like today and how is it likely to change in the future?
  • • What is your biggest concern in the business, what are you focusing on?
  • • How much is your business expected to grow?

2. Verify that the Document Capture software is reliable

Check that the system has the ability to turn paper documents into digital files that can be easily tagged and stored in an electronic document repository and can be easily and quickly retrieved.

Make sure you choose a Document Management System that includes scanning documents as well as the ability to locate documents in many ways and not just by file name, recommended by the entire file content, tags and keywords.


This way you will ensure that you are able to locate all the information that is relevant to you through a simple search.

Check if the scanner is easy to access and through the software. Avoid unnecessary inconveniences in receiving documents into the system.

Make sure the ability to file a large group of documents belonging to different groups through scanning is simple and reliable.

If your business has a lot of documents that need to be scanned, make sure that the Document Management System is able to handle batch scanning and document organization while scanning without having to scan individual documents at a time.

3. Secure access to sensitive documents

Customize the documents so that some of the documents, which contain sensitive information that allows for personal identification, will be documents with limited access and secure sharing.

Choose a Document Management System that includes a secure document repository that includes, among other things, password authentication, and an option to control access to documents and have the ability to track and manage everyone who views them as well as receive alerts and updates for any changes made to them.

4. Optimal workflow

One of the benefits of electronic document management is the improvement in business efficiency.

By making the files digitally tagged so that they can be easily located, the business owner reduces the time the documents are searched by his employees, resulting in an increase in their productivity while working.


Note that the Document Management System is customized for your business and needs, so for example automated tasks and emails can help employees maintain a consistent track during work.

5. Version management in Word files

Make sure that the office files are opened and created from within the system and not externally.

Opening the files externally and then filing them is cumbersome and may cause file errors.

Managing office files through the system makes it easy to create, manage versions and file documents quickly and efficiently.

6. Manage folders and subdirectories

Document Management System (as opposed to file management system) is not based on Windows Explorer and instead handles libraries and subdirectories without user intervention unless there was such a clear requirement.

In Document Management Systems, the file name does not contain these keywords built from a brief description of the document.

Keywords, tags and links that allow the document to be found according to group affiliation or according to any other possible characteristic that exists in the system in combination with other characteristics linked at the document level and give the correct answer

Best for finding the document quickly and efficiently.

Document Management System allows you to perform various activities on the documents as a group: such as emailing multiple items, copying, sorting and more and more without activity through the use of Explorer or directly through disk libraries.

7. Manage document lifecycles

Make sure you have a Document Management System that can manage the lifecycle of every document and document in your business.

This method will help you keep track of your electronic filing, know for each document whether it is active, how long it is stored in your system, how and when it was deleted / duplicated and more.

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