Organizational document management for businesses: Everything is managed through the computer

What is enterprise document management and what sets it apart from standard document scanning on a computer? Why is it important to take care of the software that will manage the documents, and not just scan them? What happened to businesses that thought that if they replaced the manual repository with a scanner without management software – they would not need it, and why do they also use management software today?


Organizational document management actually performs two important actions: it also ensures that the documents are scanned, And also takes care of filing them in a way that will make it easy and efficient to find them, The filing contains data related to the nature of the document. Filing the documents using the Hanibal Systems Document Management System Will allow fast scanning and filing to the system database, Will allow backup of the scanned database and screens And will provide a quick and important response to the intelligent and rapid use of the organizational knowledge accumulated in every ministry and organization.

Document management that uses a database

We will install a Document Management System on the office server that includes a database Containing information about each document scanned and filed using the system. The system will automatically file the document with the relevant name and folder Without your need to interfere with the physical process of document retention. As a result of the correct and easy filing it will be possible to pull out The required information at any time through the use of the software’s intelligent locator. Organizational document management for businesses allows you to enjoy an orderly and organized archive That will allow easy retrieval from any position in the office without having to get up and locate the document in the office.

Scan without document management - a recipe for negligence

In offices that perform manual filing of the documents that come to the office Without the support of a Document Management System a large part of the documents may end up It will not be possible to locate or take a long time to locate. In fact, everyone in the office will file the material according to his method, And depending on his ability to identify the required location of the document in the folder chain created over time in the office.


Archiving must be done with management software that will monitor and map each document to the exact location required, So the day you need to pull it out, you can do so efficiently and easily.

A secure or certified digital signature mechanism ensures consistency with original content

If you make sure to perform a secure or certified digital signature procedure on every document that enters the system Whether through scanning or by receiving a file by any means Including saving attachments from mail messages or creating office files through the system, We will make sure that the document has not been modified without our use, such a document that goes out to a third party will be saved and safe from change.

For example: we would like to send a “group” of documents to a customs broker, we can easily digitally Sign those documents and send by email quickly Thus making sure that the customs broker receives all the required documents when they are digitally signed and the customs broker Can be assured that these documents correspond to the source we have and there is no need to send these documents by Israel Post

A certified digital signature mechanism that is part of the software enables document erasure easily

Digitally signing documents using an approved digital signature, according to income tax procedures It will allow for the elimination of documents after the submission of the annual report to the income tax and will free up storage space for unnecessary paperwork.

With Document Management System - Your Computer Becomes an Exquisitely Organized and Organized Archive

If so far you have worked with filing cabinets and drawers, Today, through computerized workstations, you use the archive with maximum efficiency, Significant savings and the benefit of accessing organizational information For every employee in the organization according to permission. Save a lot of space in the office space, From backing up organizational knowledge and intelligent management of the information contained in documents.

Hanibal Information Systems Ltd. - Management of organizational documents according to each customer!

At our company, we will tailor organizational Document Management Software for you depending on the type of business, or the type of your office. We will look at what your filing categories were in the past – and fit them to the new way of working.

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