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The “Document Management System” or “Digital Archive” or “Computer Archive” system is suitable for businesses of all sizes

It was developed for a variety of organizations, companies and businesses

Allows quick filing, and finding the document in “zero time”, download and check

Save up To 20%
Document Management Systemnbsp

What is a "Document Management System"

A Document Management System (either "digital archive" or "computerized archive") should meet only three principles:

The need for document management (either "digital archive" or "computerized archive") is effective in organizations

Whether it’s a relatively small business like a law firm, An accounting firm or a construction contractor, and certainly if these are companies and organizations of a much larger size. There are many thousands of documents that are produced, scanned, saved and retrieved daily. These include bids, meeting summaries and minutes, Project details, correspondence with the banks, payments to suppliers, salaries for employees and the like. The operation and transportation of these documents is of paramount importance, For the actions involved in producing, preserving, searching for them and sharing them among various elements in the organization – time consuming. These are thousands and tens of thousands of “small” operations a month that add up to very significant periods of time, And all this even before we mentioned delays, inconveniences, errors in guarding and shipping, etc. – which create disorder and certainly impair the day-to-day conduct. The solutions to these and other issues of document management in the organization are provided by our system.
The additional names of the system are: “Document Management”, “Digital Archive” , “Computerized Archive”.

Doc-IL Application- Can be used both as "Document Management Software" and as "digital archive" application

The Document Management System from Hanibaal Information Systems Ltd. is basically a “database” of files of various types (such as documents, photos, presentations, emails, etc.) , The system is simple and intuitive, easy to understand and use and allows you to easily share organizational knowledge based on permissions and finding the document in zero time.

The system has no document limit or file size limit. These limitations are subject to the corporate network or cloud in which the files are held. The system is very fast and depends solely on the infrastructure in which the system operates (file server, database server, workstations).


The Doc-IL system which is a Document Management System (software) has other names, such as “digital archive system” or “computerized archive system”.


Document scanning is easy, using a desktop scanner (from the simplest to the most professional) connected to a computer.

Documents can also be scanned with a departmental scanner or by any other means, but, That in these cases the documents “reach” the directory (usually associated with the user) on the network or on the local computer,

Or they are routed to a mailbox. In these cases the filing of the documents will be done by the method of “uploading” a file to the system or by receiving it directly from the e-mail.


Filing files / documents to the system is easy. The method “mimics” filing a “binder” document.

The file, document type and date of the document (usually in it by default) must be specified.

Expansion of linked information is based on the content of the document (retrieving words from the body of the email, word documents, performing ocr for pdf documents and more)

In the system you can add “width tables” that allow “create groups” add-hok through which you can focus the search for one or more documents.


The doc-il document management and cataloging system has been developed for organizations, companies, enterprises and the self-employed (such as lawyers, accountants, agents, etc.) of any size. Relying on decades of human knowledge and extensive experience in developing dedicated systems for managing documents written for insurance companies, institutions, factories and more.

Doc-IL, as Document Management System allows:

Our system benefits

It can be understood, then, that the Document Management System (either “digital archive” or “computerized archive”) we have created gives the organization a wide range of benefits.

First and foremost, It saves a lot of time and hassle for employees and managers on keeping and retrieving documents and enables more efficient, fast and effective management.

This of course means saving time and apart from that also very large savings in paperwork and storage space, mistakes, loss of documents and the like. In addition,

Using the system, it is very easy to share with each relevant employee and all relevant employees in the organization any relevant item of information and document, No unnecessary delays and fuss. This is because all the documents can be bound in defined common areas,

For example, a common area for all employees in a particular department or in the company as a whole.

Beyond that, the system offers another variety of important benefits, for example the ability to locate documents according to their topics and features, the ability to work together on the same document and at the same time, Link documents directly to customer files from Windows Office software, and more.


In the Doc-IL system it is possible to automatically accept documents based by reading barcodes or some predefined value And automatically file the documents in the correct file and buffer, without the need for manual filing.


Also, documents that by definition need to be signed an approved or secure digital signature, will be signed automatically,

There is no need to purchase underwriting systems or digital signing systems for thousands of shekels a year, the Doc-IL system contains an option for digital signing without the need In some external software that enables a digital signature procedure. Using the Doc-IL system, you can create a secure digital signature for each user, which meets the requirements of the law, and sign outgoing documents.


For questions, inquiries and more details about Document Management Systems in the organization, contact us and we will be happy to answer and provide professional guidance.

Key Features

  • Save time for employees, managers, storage space, paper, instant detection and filing time
  • Organization and grouping of all documents in the common area for all employees of the organization, department or office
  • Sharing all organizational employees with organizational information
  • Option to collaborate on a document
  • Consolidation / grouping of different types of documents under several properties
  • Quickly and easily locate documents by topic and attribute
  • Full Office Compliance
  • Instant digital signature using a smart card or secure SSL certificate

Additional Features

  • Link document (s) directly to the client file from word, excel, outlook and more
  • Export document (s) to external party (individual or mailing list)
  • Receive and store documents of all types of text, image, video, audio, html and more.
  • Importing e-mail includes importing e-mail attachments
  • Receive documents from a variety of devices: fax, scanner, camera, disk, mobile phone and more
  • Automatically manage versions and assign references to each word document
  • Find a document by searching for words from the file (word or pdf)
  • Generating management reports and more