General explanation of the matter of eliminating the documents

For more than 20 years, our company has been a leader in the field of Document Management System (DMS) in Israel, And provides advanced solutions to customers from a variety of sectors of the economy.

Among other things, We entrust the development of Document Management Software with or without a link to erp systems, Document scanning software, digital signing software, scanning vendor invoices with and without barcode and more.

As is well known, in recent decades there have been rapid and significant changes in the world of computer communications, so that high-quality files can be transferred for a wide range of uses and purposes, including in customer engagements,

Government, financial entities, legal entities, and more. At the same time, there was a growing awareness of dangers such as forgery of documents and data in this area, so measures were developed aimed at protecting the document and data, and making sure that it was signed on

by the sender, who made no changes to it, and even called by the recipient who was supposed to receive it. An electronic signature, also known as a certified or secure digital signature, plays a significant role in this.

Hanibal Systems’ Document Management Software makes it possible to manage a database of documents that complies with income tax regulations regarding the abolition of documents.


No expensive software or signing component is required Sold by the companies that also issue the smart cards. Hanibaal’s software contains an option to sign with all cards completely legally.

What is a digital signature anyway?

Digital signature is a method that allows you to add an “encryption” component to documents, in order to enable proof of “authenticity” and accurate identification of the “signature” operation. Encryption uses mathematical processes that are difficult, if

In general, it is possible to crack the “private signature code” of the seal with them. Thus, the person who signed the document can be sure that it will not be changed by a third party, while the recipient can be sure that the document in front of him, signed

Digitally, signed by the person who claims to have signed it, and that the document has not changed since it was signed.


Please note: The determining wording of the laws and procedures published here, changes from time to time. The determining wording is found in records that are published in accordance with the law from time to time

The Legal Basis of the Digital Signature Law

The Digital Signature Law was enacted in the Knesset of Israel in 2001 and since then a number of changes have been made due to technological changes and corrections according to what exists in the signature market. The law actually defines and delimits the types of signatures


The various electronics, which the public must equip when submitting signed documents, which by law must be submitted to state institutions electronically signed.


View the Digital Signature Law


Electronic Signature Regulations, 5771 2001


Electronic Signature Law and Regulations Pursuant thereto


Computer Documents – gov


Certificate Authority


Various Articles on the Digital Signature Law And the changes in 2018


The law also sets out rules that clarify the types of signatures that can be issued, the identity of the parties who will be able to issue, the various means of digital signing, and how to obtain a license to issue electronic means of signature. On

The relevant legislation on the subject is, as stated, the Electronic Signature Law, as well as the Electronic Signature Regulations (2002) which deal with, among other things, secure electronic signatures, hardware and software systems and examination of applications, Regulations


Electronic signature dealing with the registration and administration of an certificate authority, and regulations dealing with the registration of an certificate authority that is the state or corporation established by law (2012).

What are the settings for a secure electronic signature?

As stated, the Digital Signature Law deals, among other things, with the basic definitions of electronic signatures and their types. By law:


“Secure electronic signature” – an electronic signature that has all of the following:


1. It is unique to the owner of the means of signature (“means of signature” – unique software, object or information, necessary for the production of a secure electronic signature).

2. It enables the alleged identification of the signatory (“Signatory” – the person to whom a signature was produced).

3. It was produced by a signature that is under the sole control of the signatory.

4. It allows you to detect a change made in the e-mail after the signing date.


The law goes on to define what an approved electronic signature is:


“Certified electronic signature” – a secure electronic signature that the certifying authority has issued an approved electronic certificate regarding the means of verifying the signature that identifies it (“certifying body” – the certifying authority

Certified electronics, and registered in the Registry in accordance with the provisions of this Act)

Who and when do I need a digital signature?


The law also defines when and in what situations the citizen of Israel must sign the documents with a digital signature (secure or approved). This is when it comes to electronically transfer documents to the various government ministries, including

Also to the court, so that the documents will be “recognized” as original, correct and signed with certainty by the person who signed them and declared that they signed them.


For example:


Secure digital signature


can be used by any organization to send a tax invoice to a customer, provided it is provided by entities authorized to issue a secure digital signature, including companies that sell such signatures online and comply with the law


Certified digital signature


In order to eliminate documents recognized by the income tax as showing a recognized expense and which are recorded in the company registers as such, it is necessary to meet a number of conditions, including: Scanning the documents with digital signature,

and sign one more time by secend authorized person (regulations change from time to time and the Digital Signature Law and regulations established for it, which have entered into force by the laws of the Knesset of Israel) must be followed.


By law, the document will be first signed by the scanning system using an approved digital signature,

the document must be filed in the “Document Management” system (for example: the Doc-IL Document Management System from Hanibaal Information Systems Ltd.), so that the document can be located by

Invoice number, supplier, carrier, and invoice date.


Another person in the organization will be able to view the scanned document, compare the scanned document to the original document and confirm with a second signature that the scanned document matches the original in its entirety. The second user will perform a digital signing

with approved digital signature.


If the document is accompanied by two digital signatures of authorized persons in the organization, it will be possible to burn the document after submitting the annual report to the income tax and after receiving approval in principle to receive the report (not for its approval).

Our company's solution for document erasure

Hanibaal Systems Ltd. provides as a basis, a Document Management System with digital signature capabilities and the use of smart cards for signature purposes immediately during the scan (first signature).

and a built-in process for performing a second signature of all documents signed in the first signature and not yet signed in the second signature.

The system will display a list of all the documents to be signed, the user will go over the documents and make sure that they match the source and at the end of the test

Sign all documents at once (the system will perform a second digital signing on each file separately) with the electronic component located when it is “inserted” into the USB component on the computer.

No expensive software or signing component is required Sold by the companies that also issue the smart cards. Hanibaal’s software contains an option to sign with all cards completely legally.

Filing the document in the Document Management System (DMS), while scanning or otherwise, allows for quick filing by barcode identification or manual filing.

When the “Files” can be managed by a developer: vendor / project / subject / department and more and more.

The document can be found by: supplier, date, invoice number, journal order number and more depending on the data requested.

To remind you: Regulations for the abolition of documents according to income tax (at least according to the current law – January 2021) are based on laws and regulations related to the Digital Signature Law and Accounting Bookkeeping.

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