10 Benefits of Using Document Management Systems

1. Saving on work time

Studies show that it takes a long time to file documents (whether in binders or in digital libraries) and to find the required document.

Document Management Systems that allow filing by topics, groups, labels, etc. Allows you to find a required document quickly, and with almost no investment in search.

In many offices / organizations the employee invests between 10-20% of his time in locating the required documents. Document Management System – will save the time required to locate the document to the minimum required.

2. Return on investment

Because a Document Management System is used as a digital archive To the entire organization and enables the preservation of knowledge and the distribution of a database among all employees, The system contributes to better management and a huge improvement in the flow of information in the organization. This contribution translates into indirect income following better utilization of time by company employees.

For example – you can find plans / contracts / working methods for projects that have been done in the past and that have an affinity for the “current project”.

3. Software costs

The investment in the software may be expensive at first, but so will the cost of paper, toner and ink supply. The cost of maintaining the printers, and the consumables And the fact that the information “flows” through paper makes it difficult to use it as the organization becomes larger.

If the documents are available electronically, They are accessible to employees and are available for e-mail upon request (including to internal organizations)

Document Management Systems can be extended also to customers whether through email Or through an enterprise portal on the Internet with security for viewing documents according to pre-granted permissions.

4. Copier costs

An average employee visits the photocopier about 60 times per week, including casual encounters with other employees.

Copiers are very expensive to purchase or lease and maintain. With Document Management Systems, The ability to interact between an internal organizational employees is easily accomplished. A group can also meet and make electronic notes on a document at the same time, Eliminating the need to make multiple copies of a single draft version.

5. Loss of documents

In offices where the paper is physically “rotate”, there is a risk that the document will be lost Or “get stuck” with any of the employees without being usable.

A Document Management System (DMS), which maintains clear procedures and constant backups, removes the worry of document disappearances.

6. Email management

Emails flood the mailboxes of all employees. Sometimes an email that reaches one employee is not forwarded or comes to the notice of another employee.

In Document Management Systems where there is a quick ability to file emails or attachments, the information becomes accessible and available to all employees in the organization in the same area common to the various work groups in the organization.

The information does not remain with the individual employee and is made accessible to everyone.

7. Storage costs

Reducing storage costs in the organization will allow for the evacuation of additional workspaces and will avoid the need to file documents that do not need to be filed and kept in binders..

Shredding the paper and introducing filing methods within the Document Management System will also allow space savings, prevent renting areas outside the office and on the other hand will allow the document to be found quickly and efficiently.

8. Improving customer service

When the documents are “in hand” and accessible quickly and efficiently, both customer service and the ability to issue invoices that match the signed delivery notes will improve..

When all the delivery notes are scanned, we can identify the ones that were not scanned, find out what happened to the goods and handle these cases more quickly.

The customer will be able to receive an electronic copy of the delivery / return certificate at any given moment he requests.

9. Enhanced document security

Fires, floods and intentional damage to documents can cause serious problems in the management of the organization. Secure and backed up computer systems. And especially when the backup is also done in different places outside the organization, the danger is reduced.

On the other hand, “hacking” into the organization’s databases and retrieving information without permission can cause no less heavy damage..

Therefore, the more sensitive the information in the organization, the higher the level of security should be managed through skilled information security procedures, mechanisms and staff..

Internal Security Organizations will prevent employees from viewing unauthorized documents. IT managers can relatively easily protect documents from viewing attempts that are not made out of malice or extensive professional knowledge in the field of intrusion into computer systems.

10. Disaster recovery strategy

Proper management of backups at the organization level will allow for a quick recovery from almost any possible disaster

Especially as mentioned earlier – if the backups are also stored outside the organization.

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