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Document Management System
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Hanibaal Document Management System is simple to operate and is based on locating a document in a file. At the same time, the system makes it possible to locate a document using many characteristics according to different predefined groups.

Share Knowledge

Knowledge Sharing

Hanibaal Document Management System is built on the principle of sharing organizational knowledge based on permissions down to the level of the individual document. All permissions are already set at the document filing stage.

earn your time

Save time and money

Using Hanibaal Document Management System avoids the need for physical search of a document or locating several documents. Fast locating (zero time) will save the organization up to 20% of office costs.

Eco product. keep earth clean and healthy


Hanibaal Document Management System allows any organization to save on unnecessary paperwork and printing ink by digitally accessing the documents. It prevents waste and preserves the environment.

Easy-to-operate Doc-IL system

Intuitive and can be used by any organization of any size without limiting the amount of documents

Hanibaal Information System

Our leading products

Document Management

Hanibaal Document Management System saves you up to 20% of office costs! It saves work time, economizes storage space and office expenses.

Bar Code Scanning

The Barcode Document Scanning System detects the barcode embedded in the page while scanning. It decodes it, and performs automatic filing.

Digital Signing

By using a certified digital signature card / token or by using a personal digital signature file produced through the system, you can digitally sign a single document or entire directories of your choice.

Digital Archive

Hanibaal’s computerized archive is one of the most advanced archive software on the market and can be documented and preserved using a variety of documents.

Industrial Scan

Scanning documents in a process that includes precise keying. The system scans documents in large quantities, rapidly and allows quick detection of any scanned document.

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importance of DMS

When we talk about a knowledge management system for organizations, we mean it In fact to a variety of software, incorporated under the domain of document management systems or dms for short. Its main purpose Of an information management system is to bring about organizational knowledge sharing And finding a document in zero time, thus streamlining the work .....

Sign on Document with certificate digital signature

What is a digital signature

Digital signature is a method that allows you to add an "encryption" component For documents that will allow proof of "authenticity", and accurate identification of an operator "The Signature." Encryption uses mathematical processes that are difficult If at all it is possible to crack the "encryption code .....

10 top reason to use Document Management System

10 Reasons to Use DMS

Document Management Systems are used as a digital archive, A public library of all the information in the organization so that it is possible to preserve the knowledge in the organization without the need to employ internal or external factors. We have prepared for you a list of 10 benefits of a Document Management System .....

The leading Document Management System in Israel

Hanibaal's system is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It was developed specifically for a variety of organizations, Companies, firms and freelancers such as lawyers, accountants, insurance agencies, etc.

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